Wischual Digital Media

100000 + Downloads

Smart mobile devices have transformed the way people live, communicate, consume information and go about their daily business. The digital reach is massive, with industry specific applications and more than ninety seven thousand downloads and climbing: Our cutting edge applications can exhibit your company, product & services to a growing targeted audience of professionals cost effectively. The informative and interactive applications offer a good user experience, which is decisive in converting users into buyers, ultimately adding a new dimension of innovation to the viewing experience. Wischual DM, your future in digital expedience.


This strategic sourcing and quick reference tool allows companies to showcase and demonstrate their products with picture, text and video. Our audience is reason enough to exhibit digitally, spending 600+ sessions and 13+ hours daily. This unmissable open day, all day & night, trade event in your viewer’s palm. Through our engineered solutions Wischual DM can keep your company at the forefront of viewers by using our effective push notification system. The deep link ability allows all communications direct from app. This front row viewing will keep clients up to speed with your products & services from their office or factory.

Showcase your products and services

Wischual DM mobile applications are designed to provide an informative platform for companies to exhibit their products and services to sector professionals. This strategic sourcing and quick reference tool has 100000+ downloads in South Africa and the Continent. Keep your company and products visible to key-business people. The audience is here, right now and growing. Speak to them and re-engage via the power of  ‘push-notification’ weekly or monthly.

Push Notifications

Wischual Digital Media Push Notifications come in the form of text, picture or video.

  • Promote products or offers to increase sales
  • Improving customer experience
  • Converting unknown app users into customers
  • Driving users to other marketing channels, such as social networks and websites.